৳ 500.00৳ 6,000.00

What is Discord Nitro ?

Discord Nitro is a

 subscription service for the Discord messaging platform that offers premium

 features, including enhanced audio q

uality, custom emojis, animated avatars, and access to a library of games for subscribers.

Nitro Plans

discord nitro


Our most-popular plan, Nitro, unlocks access to all the perks we offer, including custom emoji and stickers anywhere, HD video streaming, and 2 Server Boosts just to name a few.

All included subscriber perks:

  1. Custom and animated emoji anywhere: Use any custom emoji from any servers you belong to, anywhere you can use emoji.
  2. Custom stickers anywhere: Similar to custom emojis, use any custom stickers from any servers you belong to when sending messages.
  3. Bigger file sharing: Upload files up to 500 MB so you can share videos, photos, and more with ease.
  4. HD Streaming: Share your screen in high resolution for crispy gameplay.
  5. 2 Boosts + 30% off extra Boosts: You’ll get 2 Server Boosts that you can apply to any servers. Plus, you’ll get 30% off any additional future Boost purchases.
  6. Profile Upgrades: add an animated avatar, a banner image, and a profile theme to personalize how you present yourself.
  7. Server Profiles: Be who you want in every server by customizing the details in your profile for each server.
  8. Nitro Badge: An exclusive profile badge that only shows for subscribers.
  9. Custom Video Backgrounds: Upload your own image to show up in your video background, giving you privacy with personality.
  10. Join up to 200 servers: Get double the server space so you can join more communities you love.
  11. Longer Messages: Say how you really feel with an increased character count limit of 4000 characters.
  12. Color Themes for your Discord app: Add your vibe to the app with unique themes only available to Nitro subscribers.
  13. Soundboard anywhere: Use any Soundboard from a server you’re in, anywhere you have permissions to use them in.

Nitro Basic

The Nitro Basic plan includes some of the most-loved Nitro features that help you better express yourself for a fraction of the cost.

  • Custom and animated emoji anywhere
  • Custom stickers anywhere
  • Bigger file sharing (50 MB limit)
  • Nitro badge
  • Custom video backgrounds

Nitro 1 Month ✨-900৳, Nitro 12 Month ✨-6,000৳, Nitro Basic 1 Month ✨-500৳


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